Sirikul Pattachote is a Thailand-born New York artist and earned her BFA from Silipakorn University of Art and Design (Bangkok). Her artwork is inspired by nature, where she draws upon memories and the experiences of her surroundings in everyday life. The ephemeral quality of life and matter is a central theme in her work. Through her paintings, she attempts to record and preserve certain memories and impressions that highlight the potential good that lies in everyone and everything.

"I'm interested in natural ecosystems and the cycle of life. The laws of nature and the three characteristics of existence in Dharma of Buddhism (impermanence, incompleteness, and non-self) inspire me to tell a story through my art. I prefer to keep such stories discreet within the painting, allowing the viewer of my artwork to either discover it exactly as I had intended or leaving them to find a story of their own within the brush strokes and layers."



2018 |   "Flower Offerings" September 1 - September 31 2018 at AG Gallery, NYC
 "Viewing Room" July 1 - July 31, 2018 at SFA Projects, NYC

2016 |   "A Peculiar Nature" August 3 - September 4 2016 at The Lodge Gallery, NYC
 "Things Are Actually Not Falling Apart" May 16 - May 29, 2016 at AG Gallery, NYC

2015 |  "Momentos" April 10,2015 - April 12, 2015 at The Vazquez Building - Window Gallery

2014 |  "The Second Life of Flowers" July 17, 2014 - August 7, 2014 at The Lodge Gallery, NYC 
            "The Flowering of Life" March 4, 2014 - May 31, 2014 Lobby Art Series at The Roger Smith Hotel, NYC

2012 | "Concrete Memories" July 5th 2012, The Roger Smith Hotel, New York


2019 | “Incise, Echo, Repeat” January 25 – March 2, 2019 Abrazo Interno Gallery
PLAN B Art Fair March 6-9, 2019 presented by SFA Project

2018 | "Borderwalls" August 10 -August 26 2018 at The Border Project, NYC
           "Getting Personal" May 23 - June 17, 2018  SFA Projects, New York

2016 | "Making The Future" September 30 - October 16 2016 at DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary, NYC
           "THAI COMBO"  Oct 15, 1 PM · OSSAM Gallery · Brooklyn, New York

2015 | "STRUCTURES" December 17 - December 27 2015 at The Manny Cantor Center, NYC
           "Calicornucopia 4 " December 4,2015 - December 20, 2015 at Calico Brooklyn Gallery, NYC

2014 | "Back In Situ, or Turns" 5 December 2014 at Centotto, NYC
           "MATING SEASON" June 5, 2014 – July 5, 2014 Group Art Exhibition at The Lodge Gallery, NYC

2013 | FOR WHICH IT STANDS Group Art Exhibition at The Lodge Gallery, NYC
           Fountain Art Fair, New York 2013 presented by REPUBLIC Worldwide, NYC
           TRIO  presented by REPUBLIC Worldwide Inc, The Cupping Room, West Broadway

2012 | Fountain Art Fair, Miami 2012  presented by REPUBLIC Worldwide Inc, Booth C7, December 6-9 2012  
           "Arboretum" October 6, 2012 in a garden on NYC's Lower East Side.
           "Siamese Connection 3012" July 21st 2012, The Invisible Dog Art Center

2011 |  "TOWN & COUNTRY EXHIBITION" June 28th 2011, 320 STUDIOS, NY
           Thai Artist Alliance's (TAA) NYC fund raising event "For Flood's Sake", which was a benefit project to aid victims of the massive 2011 floods in Thailand.
           My contribution was a watercolor painting, "Fertile Ground". December 15th, 2011

2010 |  “Colored Glasses” Group Exhibition, Da Gallery, New York ,NY
            “The possibility of a painting”  Group Exhibition, The Hotel Chelsea, New York, NY
            “Siamese Connection” Group Exhibition, Dumbo Art Center, Brooklyn, NY
           “Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) ‘10" Chez Bushwick Studio, Brooklyn, NY
           “REMOTE” Group exhibition, M55 Gallery, Long Island City, NY
           “DEC 428” Group Exhibition, Wannakudda Galley, Bangkok, Thailand

2009 |  BETA spaces Festival with FerroVitreous Art and Spread Art, Brooklyn, NY



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